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Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes

Jaisalmer is one of the main attractions of Rajasthan. The beautiful city located in the midst of "Thar Desert" attracts a large number of tourists. The variety of attractions in the city is a major draw for tourists. The location of the city in the midst of the desert makes its location close to a number of sand dunes. These sand dunes often turn out to be a major tourist attraction for the tourists. The Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is one of the most popular sand dunes in the region. The awesome beauty of these sand dunes make it a must visit during a Jaisalmer tour.

About Sam sand dunes
The Sam Sand Dune is located only 30 kilometers from the city of Jaisalmer. It is spread over vast area of the desert. The Desert National Park is located just beside these famous sand dunes. The sand dunes boast a unique beauty with long stretches of sandy, bush less desert. Though it may look arid to some tourists but there is a different sort of excitement offered by these places.

Attractions of Sam sand dunes
Having a look of the sunrise or the sunset from the Sam Sand Dunes will be a breathtaking view. Witnessing the ripples on the Sam sand dunes caused by the winds is also a unique sight. These picturesque phenomenons attract a large number of nature lovers and photographers from different parts of the world.

The region around Sam sand dunes also hosts a number of cultural shows. These shows add a lot of value to your Jaisalmer tour as you will get a close look of the rich culture of Rajasthan. The famous Rajasthani dances are performed in these shows. The campfires and the musical nights are also an awesome experience for the tourists. Features like these make a tour to Sam sand dunes packed with excitements.

There is also a number of camel cavalcades arranged in this part of Rajasthan. These tours will give you an opportunity to have an in-depth look of the raw beauty of the desert.

There are a number of tour operators which offer comprehensive tour to Jaisalmer. These tours are embedded with trip to Sam sand dunes. You can book tour according to your preference. The tour will be an awesome experience for sure. However, it is best to book the tour from a tour operator which has a certain level of experience and expertise in this sector.