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Shopping in Jaisalmer

Shopping in Jaisalmer

The Golden City of India, Jaisalmer, is a popular tourist destination of the state of Rajasthan. Located on the west of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has numerous things to offer to the tourists coming from the various parts of the world. From its natural beauty to the various places of interests and its various shopping areas reflect the rich tradition and culture of the state. Any visit to this picturesque town of Rajasthan would be incomplete without shopping. Shopping in Jaisalmer is a lifetime experience for the shopping lovers.

The availability of varied range of items and products attract the tourists from all over. In fact, Jaisalmer shopping has helped in the promotion of the tourism of the state. Among other things, the itinerary of tour to Jaisalmer must include a visit to the bustling shopping areas of the town.

Traditional items are displayed in the shops of Jaisalmer. Some of the best buys of the shops of Jaisalmer include decorative wooden boxes, hand made articles, traditional rugs and many more. The array of shops lined in the major shopping areas of Jaisalmer gives the tourists an opportunity to know about the lifestyle of the natives of Rajasthan. In addition, tourists can come face to face with the colors, style, and fabrics of Rajasthan.

Two of the most bought items from the bazaars of Jaisalmer include trinkets and mirror engraved tablecloths. The immaculate threadwork coupled with the best designs make these item a common favorite among the different tourists. The other popular items found in Jaisalmer shops are joothies, or shoes, puppets, local ornaments, items of camel leather, wooden boxes, woven jackets and more.

Bhatia Bazaar
Bhatia Bazaar is a popular bazaar of Jaisalmer where huge range of unique items is found. The bazaar is famous for bringing out the old charm of Jaisalmer. Some of the most popular items found in the Bhatia Bazaar include wallets, tapestry, cotton textiles, silk textiles, table cloths, oil lamps, belts and many more. While shopping in Bhatia Bazaar, the tourists must know how to bargain. Over the years, Bhatia Bazaar is flock by a large number of tourists for its diversity of the products available.

Sadar Bazaar
Sadar Bazaar is not only known for a favorite place to shop but also for reflecting the flavor of Rajasthan. Sadar Bazaar of Jaisalmer is known among the tourists for being the place where both the traditional and contemporary items are sold. The bazaar covers a wide area and some of the popular products found here include; blankets, antiques, embroidery, puppets, tapestry, carpets and more. The shopkeepers like other shopping areas of Jaisalmer are known for setting high prices of items. However, if the tourists know the art of bargaining, they can get the best buy.

Some other popular shopping areas of Jaisalmer are Manak Chowk, Sonaron ka Bass, Gandhi Darshan, Pansari Bazar, Seema Gram, Khadi Gramudyog Emporium and Rajasthani Government shop.