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Forts and haveli in Jaisalmer

Forts and haveli in Jaisalmer

The historical importance of Rajasthan has played a vital role in elevating the status of Rajasthan as a tourist destination. The variety of attractions that portrays the rich history of the place attracts a large number of tourists. The presence of a number of forts and towers in Rajasthan is a manifestation of the fact that it has a rich history. These structures are very popular among the tourists as they serve dual purpose by reflecting the beauty of Rajasthani architecture as well as the rich history of the place. There are a number of towers and forts throughout Rajasthan. Jaisalmer being a historically important city also has a number of these forts and towers. The forts and towers in Jaisalmer are a prime attraction for tourist coming for tours to Jaisalmer. These historical structures are a treat to the eye. They also reveal a lot of historical significance of the place.

Importance of the forts and towers in Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer has a rich history that dates back to the 1156 A.D. The city was founded by Rawal Jaisal. He ruled this part of Rajasthan for several years. Jaisalmer was also ruled by the Rajputs, more precisely 'Bhati Rajputs'. This clan of the Rajputs belonged to the warrior class. During their rule, they built a number of these Jaisalmer forts and towers. For instance, the Golden Fort or the Jaisalmer Fort was built by Rawal Jaisal. The beautiful fort built of yellow sandstone is a treat to the eye. On visiting this famous fort of Jaisalmer, you will really be mesmerized to see the structure that dazzles like gold during daytime.

Attractions of the forts and towers
Visit forts and towers in Jaisalmer as it will not only be a treat to the eye. These forts and towers with lot of historical significance will provide you an enriching knowledge about the history of Jaisalmer as well. These structures have once served the purpose of territorial defense. As a result, a careful study of these structures will reveal a number of significant historical events. Their value further elevates because they not only provide a window into the local cultural heritage but also reveal a number of aspects of the cultural heritage of India as a whole.

Most of the forts and towers in Jaisalmer are located on the hillocks. They are big structures too as they stretch for several kilometers. One of the salient features of these forts and towers are the tall structures of stone. These structures are partitioned by winding lanes. These architectural features have a lot of resemblance with ancient Greek cities. The towers boast further significance as they were used for forecasting the weather of the region.

Looking at the various features of the forts and towers in Jaisalmer, you will also learn a lot about the grandeur of the royal era of Rajasthan. Such a chance can hardly be given a miss. As a result, a large number of tourists come to the place in order to get a view of these forts and towers.

There are a number of tour operators which offer tour to forts and towers in Rajasthan. You can choose any one of them according to your preference. However, it is always better to avail these tours from a experienced and expert tour operator.